Using the Command Line to Install NuoDB on Windows

The silent installer suppresses all interactive dialog prompts and installs NuoDB in the default location. To use the command line to install NuoDB, enter a command such as the following. Replace n.n.n.n with the NuoDB version number in your .exe filename. For the Community Edition, the executable file will be named nuodb-ce-n.n.n.n.x86_64.exe.

> nuodb-n.n.n.n.x86_64.exe [--service-autostart] [--domain-password=password] /S




Optionally indicate that you want the installer to automatically start NuoDB services after installation is complete as well as upon each reboot of the machine. The recommendation is to specify this option if you are running Community Edition and otherwise only if you plan to run a domain that includes only single host databases. If you do not specify this option then see Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services.


If you specify ‑‑service-autostart then you must also specify the ‑‑domain-password option to set a password that you choose.

If you specify the ‑‑domain-password option then after installation, in the $NUODB_HOME\etc\ file, the domainPassword property is set to the password you specified. 

If you do not specify a password then you will specify it when you edit the $NUODB_HOME\etc\ file as part of adding this host to the domain. See Creating the Domain and Adding Hosts.