Using a Linux tar File to Install NuoDB

Extracting NuoDB from an installation tar file is useful in the following situations:

When you install NuoDB from a tar file then NuoDB is not automatically started when the system comes up. After each system restart, you must manually start NuoDB services.

To use a tar file to install NuoDB:

  1. If you are installing into an already existing NuoDB installation directory, back up any changes to your etc/nuodb.config file. This file will be overwritten.
  2. Unpack the tar file from the directory to which it was downloaded. In the command line in the example below, you would replace n.n.n.n with the NuoDB version number in the filename you are operating on.
  3. Set the NUODB_HOME environment variable.
  4. Update your PATH environment variable.

In the following examples, you would replace install_dir with the directory in which you are installing NuoDB: