Using Snapshots to Restore Data

After an SSM generates snapshots, you can use a snapshot to create an archive that reflects the point in time that the snapshot was taken. The steps for doing this are:

  1. Identify the snapshot you want to restore to.
  2. Check whether the database's SSM has that snapshot.
  3. Obtain the snapshot by invoking a hot copy on the Database’s SSM. Alternatively, if you can, you can shut down a snapshot storage manager and then use offline backup to make a copy of the SSM's archive, journal and snapshots directories.
  4. Invoke the nuochk utility on the snapshot to create a new archive, which can be used to start a storage manager or snapshot storage manager.

Snapshot storage managers and the ability to restore data to a snapshot are preview features.

NuoDB encourages you to use preview features in your development projects. The use of preview features in production is not supported.