Using Online Snapshot Backup

Preview: Snapshot storage managers and snapshots are preview features.

NuoDB encourages you to use preview features in your development projects. The use of preview features in production is not supported.

A database snapshot is a consistent, durable, virtual copy of a database at a transaction commit point. Database snapshots give you the ability to restore a database back to a point in time that is just before or just after a particular transaction.

To use online snapshot backup, you must start a snapshot storage manager. A snapshot storage manager generates a snapshot for every transaction commit. When you want to restore to a particular snapshot then you invoke the NuoDB Manager hotcopy command to copy the snapshot of interest from the SSM. You then invoke the NuoDB Check (nuochk) utility on the snapshot of interest. This creates an archive that you can use to start a storage manager or snapshot storage manager.

This section of the documentation provides information about snapshot storage managers and how to start them. After an SSM generates snapshots, you can