Using NuoDB Manager Interactively

To use nuodbmgr interactively, specify the required parameters, --broker and --password.

$ nuodbmgr --broker myHost --password myPassword
NuoDB host version: 3.1: Community Edition
nuodb [domain] >

You can then enter a nuodbmgr command at the prompt. The default behavior is that nuodbmgr prompts you for all required and optional parameters for any given nuodbmgr command. This is controlled by the enablePrompt property, which is set to true by default. When enablePrompt is set to false, you are not prompted for any parameters and if you do not specify a required parameter then nuodbmgr displays an error message. See the Set Property to learn how to set a nuodbmgr property.


The NuoDB Manager prompt displays the name of your domain in square brackets until you specify a database to operate on. For example:

nuodb [domain] >

After NuoDB Manager operates on a database, the name of that database also appears in the prompt. For example, if you invoke the manage database test command then after execution of that command the nuodbmgr prompt looks like this:

nuodb [domain/test] >

When the nuodbmgr prompt shows a database name and you want to invoke a command that operates on that database then you do not need to specify a database name. NuoDB Manager executes the operation on the database named in the prompt. To operate on a different database you can do either of the following:

Invoke a command that specifies the name of the database you want to operate on. For example:

nuodb [domain/test] > shutdown database test

Invoke the nuodbmgr manage database command and specify the name of the database you want to operate on. The NuoDB Manager prompt will then show the name of that database. For example:

nuodb [domain/test] > manage database test
nuodb [domain/test] >

Command Line Editing

NuoDB Manager supports command line editing and specifically tries to mimic as much of the GNU Readline behavior as possible, including emacs command line editing. See Command Line Editing and History for more information.