Third Party Utilities

Explore the range of tools and third party utilities to manager your NuoDB domain and database.

When reviewing the table below, note the following in regard to support tiers:


Functional Purpose

Version(s) Supported

Support Tier

DbVisualizer Database browser 9.2 1
Gearman Distributed Job Management Framework 1.1, 1.2 2
Pentaho DI ETL   2
Pentaho BI Analytics, GUI   2
Talend DI ETL   2
Mondrian Analytics   2
JasperSoft Analytics, GUI   2
Piwik Analytics   2
Flyway Schema Versioning   2
Liquibase Schema Versioning   2
Tungsten Replicator Migration   2
mysqldump Migration   2
Mule ESB   2
nopCommerce ASP.NET Web e-commerce   2