Tasks After Upgrading to Release 3.0

Release 3.0 introduces a new index internal format "Ver2" that results in better index performance and will periodically refresh statistics automatically.

If you are upgrading to NuoDB 3.0, you need to upgrade user indexes manually as part of your post v3.0 upgrade procedures. The SYSTEM indexes will be upgraded automatically during the upgrade process available in a future 3.0 maintenance release. To upgrade user indexes, disconnect all applications from the database and issue the 'alter table' rebuild indexes command for each user table.

Note: Please contact NuoDB customer support and/or your Professional Service representative for more information on how to upgrade your user indexes.

To self-service upgrade your user indexes automatically, download the index migration utility from the NuoDB git repository.

Note: If you are upgrading from a release older than NuoDB 2.6, review the tasks for upgrading to all NuoDB releases newer than the release you are upgrading from.