Tasks After Upgrading to Release 2.3

After upgrading to NuoDB 2.3, perform the following tasks:

Running ANALYZE on Tables

In NuoDB 2.3, it is recommended that you run ANALYZE on all of your tables and indexes to ensure highly optimized query plans. Execute the following command:


For more information, see ANALYZE.

Updating Default Templates

The built-in automation templates shipped with NuoDB were updated in release 2.3, from version 3 to version 4. A change was made to the built-in templates so that they no longer set the database option mem. When creating new databases this change will not automatically take effect. To see the version for the built-in templates in your domain, you can you use the NuoDB Manager show templates command.

nuodb [domain] > show templates
[ {

  "name" : "Multi Host",
  "version" : 3,
  "summary" : "This template starts up to two Storage Managers and as many 
		Transaction Engines as possible. Each host will have at most one SM and one 
		TE, so this template can be used with any number of hosts. A process will be 
		restarted on a new host if one goes offline and another is available.",
  "options" : {
    "commit" : "${COMMIT:remote:1}",
    "mem" : "${PROC_MEM:2g}",
    "hostLimit" : "${HOST_LIMIT:false}"
  "requirements" : [ {

To upgrade to version 4 of the built-in automation templates, you will need to use NuoDB Manager to run the following command to make the updated templates available:

update defaultTemplates

If your existing database is relying on the PROC_MEM setting in one of the built-in templates, then after upgrading to version 4, you will need to set this database option elsewhere. See Database Options.