Task After Upgrading to Release 2.1.1

After upgrading to NuoDB 2.1.1, it is recommended that you set the RaftLogCompactionThreshold property to a lower number.

Every update to the broker's durable domain configuration adds a log entry to the Raft log. The RaftLogCompactionThreshold property (in the default.properties file) governs the maximum size of the Raft log. To support rolling upgrade, the RaftLogCompactionThreshold defaults to the maximum log size.

After upgrading, It is recommended that you set this property to a lower number. To do this, follow the rolling upgrade instructions again with the following change. In step 6, instead of installing the new release of NuoDB, edit the $NUODB_HOME/etc/default.properties file and set RaftLogCompactionThreshold to a lower number. Then continue and complete the instructions for a rolling upgrade.