Tasks After Upgrading to Release 2.1

After upgrading to NuoDB 2.1, perform the following tasks:

Dropping and Re-creating Certain Indexes

For certain numeric values, indexes on data of type NUMBER, NUMERIC, and DECIMAL were not functioning correctly prior to release 2.1. If you are upgrading to NuoDB 2.1 then you must drop and re-create such indexes.

Running ANALYZE on Tables

While accessing a table, if you receive an error message that refers to invalid index statistics then you must run ANALYZE on that table. This is related to improved statistics for index optimization in 2.1. Some tables may have statistics that are out-of-date.

It is recommended that you run ANALYZE on all existing tables, even though this may be a time-consuming task. You can run ANALYZE on an individual table or on all tables in a schema. See ANALYZE for more information. See Improving Query Performance for information about how index statistics improve query optimization.