Specifying the Snapshot Retention Policy

When you invoke the nuodbmgr prune snapshots command you specify the maxAge and/or maxStorage options. This is your snapshot retention policy. It indicates one or both of the following:

When a snapshot’s age is equal to or younger than the specified age then the snapshot is retained. When the snapshot directory uses more that the specified space then only the newest snapshots that fit in the specified amount of space are retained.

However, because an SSM organizes snapshots into albums, the prune snapshots command identifies albums and not snapshots that can be removed. When an album contains at least one snapshot that should be retained then that album is not listed in the prune snapshots result.

When specifying the snapshot retention policy keep in mind that a snapshot you want to restore to must be in an SSM’s snapshot archive. If you delete or move a snapshot that was identified by a prune snapshots operation then you can no longer use that snapshot to restore data.