Setting Host Tags

To set a host tag constraint, also referred to as a host tag requirement, you can use the Automation Console or NuoDB Manager.

Using Automation Console to Set Host Tags

To set a host tag requirement in the Automation Console, use the Edit Database panel, and expand Tags>>. Click on the plus sign to add a new line for a new tag constraint requirement. Under Group, choose the process group to be governed by this new tag constraint. Under Key, enter the host tag name and under Constraint, enter the constraint function and optional parameter.

In the following example, we are telling the enforcer to only start SMs on hosts that are not tagged (nx:) with "BACKUP" and only start TEs on machines with greater than 16 GB of RAM.

For more information about what tags are set for a given host, including those tags injected by the operating system, see Listing Host Tags.

Using NuoDB Manager to Set Host Tags

nuodb [domain] > update database 
Database Name: test
Template Name (Single Host, Minimally Redundant, Multi Host, Region distributed): Minimally Redundant
Template Variables (optional): 
Database Options (optional): 
Template Variable REGION (default: DEFAULT_REGION): us-west-2
Database Options for SMs (optional): 
Tag Constraints for SMs (optional): BACKUP nx:
Database Options for TEs (optional): 
Tag Constraints for TEs (optional): os_ram_mb ge:16384