Setting Host Properties for AWS Deployment

After you have spun up whatever EC2 instances you require for your NuoDB domain, you are ready to deploy. Basic deployment of NuoDB on EC2 means first installing the NuoDB software on each host in your domain. See Installing NuoDB on Linux.

Before starting any NuoDB service (nuoagent , nuosrestsvc), you must configure your domain by setting properties for the broker. In particular, you must set the properties that determine which IP address is advertised for this EC2 instance, which broker is the broker that all brokers peer to, what region the broker is running in and which load balancer should be used for client connections to the database.

To create a domain, each broker peers into the domain by using the setting of the peer property in its file. The first broker that you start peers to itself and all other brokers peer to the broker that peers to itself. NuoDB recommends that the first broker you start not set the peer property for its first startup. Once there are multiple brokers in the domain, then this first broker can be restarted and it will use the last known durable domain configuration when it restarts.

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