Setting Database Options for Managed Databases

Database options are key/value pairs representing either overall database level options or options specifically governing TE and SM processes. The default templates contain very few default options. When creating a database, you can add additional options that will be applied to all processes of the database or you can add database options that will only apply to certain process groups. A process group is a combination of an optional region and either "TEs" or "SMs", meaning all transaction engines in one or all regions or all storage managers in one or all regions.

For a description of each database option, see Database Options.

Database level options are listed under Default Database Options>> in the Automation Console:

All database level options will be set for all TEs and SMs in the database.

Process group options are specified under Process Group Options>> . Here you can pull down the available process groups. In the example below, we have TEs and SMs with only one region in our domain. If there were more than one region in our domain, we would see one SMs and one TEs group for each region in the pulldown menu.

The options key/value field allows free-form entry. If an invalid option is entered, the process will fail to start.

You can use any of the following tools to set and modify database options:

Since you can set options in various ways, the last section describes the precedence that NuoDB follows to determine the correct settings to apply.

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