Setting Database Options Using NuoDB Manager

You can set a database option in NuoDB Manager (nuodbmgr) when creating or updating a database. You can specify a database option for the entire database or for a group of processes, for example, for all TEs or for all SMs. Specify database options as key/value pairs separated by a space. Separate multiple key/value pairs of options with a space. For example:

nuodb [domain] > create database
Database Name: test
DBA User: dba      
DBA Password: dba
Template Name (Single Host, Minimally Redundant, Multi Host, Region distributed): Minimally Redundant
Template Variables (optional):                 
Database Options (optional):            
Timeout (ms/s/m/h/d/w) (optional): 
Template Variable REGION (default: DEFAULT_REGION): us-west-2
Database Options for SMs (optional): journal-max-directory-entries 100
Tag Constraints for SMs (optional): 
Database Options for TEs (optional): 
Tag Constraints for TEs (optional): 
nuodb [domain] > show database config
Database: test
Config keys (optional): 
Database: test2, ACTIVE, Status=RUNNING, template [Minimally Redundant] (v4)
   Variables: {REGION=us-west-2}
   Options: {}
   Default Options: { "commit": "${COMMIT:remote:1}","backoff.reqMinUptime":"30000","hostLimit":"${HOST_LIMIT:false}"}
   DB UUID: e288da50-e86e-ad44-e8bf-349a0bdff97b  
   Process group options:
      SMs: {journal-max-directory-entries=100}
   Process group tag constraints:
   Archive Locations:
      ip-172-31-2-230/, requirements: SMs, region: us-west-2:
         archive: /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/test2   
         journal-dir: /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/test2, requirements: SMs, region: us-west-2:
         archive: /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/test2
         journal-dir: /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/test2
   Minimally Redundant MET

When starting a database process, for example an SSM, using start process, precede database options with two dashes (--) as in, --journal-max-directory-entries 100.