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Setting Database Options Using Automation Console

You can use the Automation Console to set database options when you create or edit a database. In the Create Managed Database dialog, expand Default Database Options to view the options that apply to transaction engines (TEs) and storage managers (SMs).

As shown in the following image, Process Group Options are those that will apply to only a certain group of processes, for example all SMs or all TEs in the database or in a specified region.

To add a database option that is not already listed, click the plus (+) sign to the far right of the Default Database Options panel or the Process Group Options panel:

An additional line appears and you can click under Key to enter the database option and optionally under Value to enter the value for the database option. In the example above, the journal-max-directory-entries option/key is added with a value of 100 (the default is 1000).