Using SQL Workbench/J and NuoDB

This example configuration assumes you have NuoDB installed and have run the SQL QuickStart (see Running the SQL QuickStart).

  1. To use the SQL Workbench/J Universal SQL client with NuoDB, download and configure SQL Workbench/J.
    1. Download SQL Workbench/J from:

    2. Install SQL Workbench/J according to the instructions on the website. Steps may differ according to platform.

  2. Click Manage Drivers and add and configure the NuoDB driver, then click OK.

    Name NuoDB
    Library NUODB_HOME/jar/nuodbjdbc.jar
    Classname com.nuodb.jdbc.Driver
    Sample URL jdbc:com.nuodb://localhost/test
    Website URL
    Extra Class Path NUODB_HOME/lib/nuodbjdbc.jar

    The Select Connection Profile dialog opens.

  3. In the Select Connection Profile dialog, use the settings shown below. User name and password for the test database are dba and goalie.

  4. Click OK to start working with your database. You can browse tables, insert rows, and edit values.