SQL Error Codes

The following table describes error codes used by SQLException objects.

Error Code Error Type Description Example
-1 SYNTAX_ERROR There was a SQL syntax error. Wrong number of arguments for function.
-2 FEATURE_NOT_YET_IMPLEMENTED The feature you tried to use is not yet implemented.  
-3 BUG_CHECK An internal database error occurred.  
-4 COMPILE_ERROR An error occurred during compilation of the SQL statement. Inconsistent select list in union branches.
-5 RUNTIME_ERROR An error occurred during execution of a SQL statement. Result set has been closed.
-6 OCS_ERROR Not used.  
-7 NETWORK_ERROR An error occurred during a network communication with the broker or transaction engine. No nodes are available for database.
-8 CONVERSION_ERROR A conversion error occurred during execution of a SQL statement. Numeric overflow converting n.
-9 TRUNCATION_ERROR A truncation error occurred during execution a SQL statement. Assignment of n bytes into type of maximum length < n.
-10 CONNECTION_ERROR An error related to a SQL connection occurred. The error might be related to an existing connection or to the creation of a SQL connection. Database already open.
Bad statement handle.

-11 DDL_ERROR A runtime error occurred during execution of a SQL DDL statement. Table already defined.
-12 APPLICATION_ERROR An application-specific error occurred. Cannot execute PreparedStatement with SQL parameter.
-13 SECURITY_ERROR A database security error occurred. No username specified.
Not a known user.
Requested access to foo is denied. Unsupported cipher requested.
-15 VERSION_ERROR Not used.  
-16 LICENSE_ERROR Not used.  
-17 INTERNAL_ERROR An internal error occurred. This should never happen. Function has not been compiled.
Unexpected NULL lower bound node.
-18 DEBUG_ERROR Not used.  
-19 LOST_BLOB Not used.  
-21 DELETED_BLOB Not used.  
-22 LOG_ERROR Not used.  
-23 DATABASE_DAMAGED Not used.  
-24 UPDATE_CONFLICT A server (transaction engine) error occurred. Pending update rejected, transaction nnn.
-25 NO_SUCH_TABLE There was an invalid table reference. Table has been dropped.
Cannot find table.

-26 INDEX_OVERFLOW Not used.  
-27 UNIQUE_DUPLICATE There was a server (transaction engine) error related to duplicate values in a unique index.  
-29 DEADLOCK There was a server (transaction engine) deadlock error.  
-30 OUT_OF_MEMORY_ERROR Not used.  
-32 LOCK_TIMEOUT Not used.  
-36 PLATFORM_ERROR This is a generic error related to the server (transaction engine).  
-37 NO_SCHEMA No schema was specified where a schema specification was required.  
-38 CONFIGURATION_ERROR A server (transaction engine) error occurred. Could not find a valid archive at the given location.
-39 READ_ONLY_ERROR There was an attempt to write to a read-only connection.  
-40 NO_GENERATED_KEYS Not used.  
-41 THROWN_EXCEPTION An error occurred that is related to the SQL THROW control statement.  
-43 UNSUPPORTED_TRANSACTION_ISOLATION The specified transaction isolation level is not supported.  
-44 INVALID_UTF8 A string is not in UTF-8 when it should be.  
-45 CONSTRAINT_ERROR A SQL constraint violation occurred.  
-46 UPDATE_ERROR There was an attempt to update a database object that cannot be updated. Table returned by a stored procedure cannot be manipulated.
-47 I18N_ERROR An error related to internationalization occurred. Error getting default converter.
-48 OPERATION_KILLED A SQL operation was killed, perhaps by the KILL statement.  
-49 INVALID_STATEMENT There was an invalid reference to a SQL statement. On connection n, unable to kill statement m.
No such statement id.
-50 IS_SHUTDOWN An error occurred because the database is shutting down.  
-51 IN_QUOTED_STRING An internal error was generated by the parser because the statement string ends with a quoted string. This error type is used by nuosql.  
-52 BATCH_UPDATE_ERROR This is a general error used for batch update exceptions.  
-53 JAVA_ERROR An error related to Java stored procedures occurred.  
-54 INVALID_FIELD There was a server (transaction engine) error related to an attempt to set a value in an invalid field.  
-55 INVALID_INDEX_NULL An invalid NULL was inserted into an index.  
-56 INVALID_OPERATION There was an error related to an invalid operation. Maximum number of open result sets exceeded.
Maximum number of open statements exceeded.
-57 INVALID_STATISTICS The index statistics for a specified query have become invalid.  
-58 INVALID_GENERATOR In older versions of NuoDB, an invalid generator was defined. Invoke ALTER TABLE to change the column types to INT, BIGINT, NUMERIC or STRING.