Running the SQL QuickStart

The SQL QuickStart lets you quickly load and explore a sample database. The following instructions will install the SQL Quickstart demo database.

Run the script $NUODB_HOME/samples/quickstart/sql/run-qs .

The SQL QuickStart demo database can also be installed from the Web browser interface. Click the NuoDB Home menu icon , which appears in the upper right corner of each NuoDB Home page. Click SQL QuickStart:

The domain settings determine how the SQL QuickStart connects to the NuoDB domain. You can use the defaults or customize the settings. If you specified a password during installation then in the User field, enter domain and in the Password field enter the password you entered during installation. If you have forgotten this password then you can obtain it from the NUODB_HOME/etc/ file. In that file, the setting of the domainPassword property is the password you need to enter.

If you already created an administrative user account then you can enter the username and password for that account. See Creating the First Domain Administrator Account for information about creating a domain administrator account.

On the right, click Create Database to create a sample database named test.

If you get a Connection refused error as shown in the following image then you have not started the NuoDB broker on the host you specified in the domain settings (localhost above).