Running NuoDB Check

To run NuoDB Check, you will need to know the database's archive directory. This can be determined by getting the value for the host tag archive_base as follows:

nuodb [domain] > tags search
Tag Name: archive_base (us-west-2): archive_base = /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives
ip-172-31-5-193/ (us-west-2): archive_base = /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives

This gives you the archive base for each SM in your domain. You need to determine which one maps to the SM you have shut down. (See Preparing to Execute NuoDB Check).

See NuoDB Archive for NuoDB Check syntax.

Note: When you are finished, if running a Managed database, re-enable enforcement. See Enabling Enforcement for instructions on how to do this. This will automatically re-start the storage manager process. Managed databases were deprecated in v3.0.