Running ANALYZE to Obtain Index Statistics

When using the default index format in NuoDB v3.0 or greater, (Ver2) index statistics are generated automatically. Therefore, users are not required to run ANALYZE to update index statistics for permanent tables.

As part of the upgrade from 2.x to 3.x versions there is a post-upgrade procedure required in order to convert Ver1 indexes to Ver2. See Tasks After Upgrading to Release 3.0.

Index statistics are useful both to the Query Optimizer and to the user. They tell us more about the index and its effectiveness with the particular data on which it is executing. Only for Ver1 indexes, the user must run ANALYZE to generate statistics for a table or index. With this version of indexes, run ANALYZE whenever significant changes are made to the contents of a table or index. The ANALYZE command can be run on an index or on a table.

See ANALYZE for more information.