Rolling Upgrade From NuoDB 2.4

For continuous data availability during an upgrade from NuoDB 2.4, follow the instructions in this topic. Continuous data availability requires:

Note: To upgrade from NuoDB 2.3, see Rolling Upgrade From NuoDB 2.3.

To prepare for upgrading a host that is running NuoDB 2.4, execute the NuoDB Manager show domain health command. Its output should indicate that membership and connectivity are OK, there are no untracked processes and memory use and CPU use are within acceptable boundaries. If show domain health output indicates any issues, you should resolve them before upgrading. See Show Domain.

In a rolling upgrade, you upgrade one host in the domain at a time. For each database, ensure that its last upgraded host runs a transaction engine for that database. Ideally, a database's last upgraded host is running a transaction engine and not also a storage manager for that database. Otherwise, you can upgrade hosts in any order.

The rolling upgrade procedure consists of executing the following steps on each host: 1) shutting down NuoDB processes and services, 2) installing the latest release of NuoDB, and 3) restarting the broker.

Upgrade Instructions per Host

For each host in the domain, execute the following steps:

Repeat these four steps for each host in the domain.

Additional Tasks

Perform the Tasks After Upgrading to Release 2.4.

See also: Verifying the Rolling Upgrade.