Rolling Upgrade: Databases Remain Available

A rolling upgrade moves a NuoDB domain, which might include multiple databases, to a new NuoDB release without shutting down the databases.

Perform a rolling upgrade when continuous database availability is a requirement. If continuous data availability is not a requirement, see Upgrading With Databases Down.

Rolling Upgrade Instructions for Your Release

For details of instructions for upgrading your current NuoDB release, and for details of tasks required post-upgrade, see Rolling Upgrade Instructions.

Maintaining Broker Quorum in a Two-Broker Domain

It is best practice to keep a broker in the durable domain configuration while its host is being upgraded. However, in a two-broker domain, in the unusual event that a broker does not restart, broker quorum is lost. Without broker quorum, operations such as the addition of a new host are not allowed. See About Broker Quorum.

In this situation, use the NuoDB Agent Tool to remove the broker from domain membership and regain broker quorum.