Resolving Storage Tier Issues

The storage tier is the architectural tier where data is stored and managed through objects called atoms. Storage managers are part of the storage tier in NuoDB's architecture.

SQL and storage tier issues generally revolve around transaction engines and/or storage managers that fail to run or fail to remain running. By default, when these processes start the agent.log file will contain information regarding the state of the processes. The issues described in the following topics illustrate common messages that might be found in the agent.log file regarding these events. See also: Using Log Files.

See the following topics:

Cannot Start Transaction Engine Without a Storage Manager

Inconsistent Statistic for Index

Insufficient Storage Managers to Start Transaction

Resident Set Size Increases in Excess of mem Database Option Setting

Storage Manager Startup Failure: Attempt to Initialize Exisiting Archive

Transaction Engine or Storage Manager Quits Unexpectedly