Resolved Issues

Resolved issues in 2.6.1

DB-17299 Resolved error with a trailing "/" for Hot Copy commands.
DB-17285 Improved performance for CASE and UNION ALL queries.
DB-17264 Corrected handling of old record versions during garbage collection.
DB-17260 Corrected handling of queries containing updates to pseudo-table and a subquery.
DB-17255 Corrected handling of Updateable Views.
DB-17225 Generated a clear error for host name resolution errors.
DB-17214 Resolved the incorrect handling of a mix of statistical and scalar expressions.
DB-17190 Corrected an issue so that a column type of NULL is returned for BigInt columns instead of 0.
DB-17172 An error is now generated when invalid archive files are loaded.
DB-17151 Corrected error with incorrect handling of complied triggers.
DB-17064 Resolved an error to allow multiple clients enabling tracing concurrently.
DB-17010 Corrected an error where index records were missing during an index split.
DB-16903 Corrected an error during index split messaging.
DB-16895 An error is now generated when invalid archive files are loaded.
DB-16822 Fixed an issue where many (>50) invocations of a scalar function could result in a connection reset in some cases.
DB-16820 Resolved an error where taking differences between TIMESTAMP values ignored milliseconds.
DB-16795 Corrected a precondition error with SELECT FOR UPDATE queries.
DB-16774 Resolved an error where using a UNION inside an 'IN' list triggered an internal error.
DB-16687 An error is now generated when accessing an invalid table in a BEFORE INSERT trigger.
DB-16395 Corrected precondition error for UDFs.
DB-16375 Corrected an error to support mix of constant values and aggregate functions in a SELECT.
DB-16125 Resolved an issue which prevented the ability to restart certain TE or SM processes after they were automatically stopped due to a network partition.