Resetting Broker State

In a few situations, you might find that you need to restart a broker and remove the durable domain configurationThe durable domain configuration provides domain configuration information that is stored consistently on each NuoDB Admin process in the domain by means of a Raft log. it previously had. The restarted broker would receive the durable domain configuration from another broker in the domain. For example, you are testing different domain configurations and you want a broker to start without any previous state. You can do this by restarting the broker and resetting its state by specifying the --reset-broker-state option, for example:

$NUODB_HOME/etc/nuoagent start --reset-broker-state

As a general guideline, do not restart brokers with --reset-broker-state if you are observing a durable domain configuration that does not appear to be in sync with live domain state. The durable domain configuration uses a distributed consensus algorithm to ensure safety and consistency under failure.

Instead, use the NuoDB Manager commands to inspect the durable domain configuration. See Obtaining Durable Domain Configuration Information.

You should specify the --reset-broker-state option only under the following scenarios:

To reset the broker state, do the following:

  1. Shut down the broker. See Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services.
  2. Start the broker with --reset-broker-state by running the nuoagent utility directly from the $NUODB_HOME/etc directory:

    $NUODB_HOME/etc/nuoagent start --reset-broker-state
  3. Shut down the broker again.
  4. Start the broker again using directions from Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services.