ROLLBACK — end the current transaction and undo the effect of any DML and DDL statements that was done in the current transaction.


ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT savepoint_name   


Stops and ends the current transaction. Use the ROLLBACK statement to stop a transaction and undo work done in the current transaction, or undo the work done after a specified savepoint. Execution of ROLLBACK discards any DML updates made by the transaction being stopped.
ROLLBACK with no arguments releases all named savepoints within the transaction.
If autocommit is off or if you specified START TRANSACTION (see START TRANSACTION), specify COMMIT (see COMMIT) to commit the work done in the transaction and end the transaction.

NuoDB recommends that you explicitly end transactions in application programs using either a COMMIT or ROLLBACK statement. If you do not explicitly commit the transaction and the program terminates abnormally then NuoDB will rollback the current uncommitted transaction.

To roll back your current transaction, no privileges are necessary.
See SAVEPOINT for more information about savepoints.