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Provisioning the NuoDB System Database

Metrics can be gathered and reported by means of alarms in your domain. Metrics are not recorded persistently by default so it is recommended that you provision (create) the nuodb_system database. This can be done by setting the property enableSystemDatabase to true in NUODB_HOME/etc/ The nuodb_system database is a managed database and automated by the template specified in the automationTemplate property, which is also defined in

If the nuodb_system database is not provisioned during broker start up, it can be provisioned in the Automation Console. Select the yellow disk icon in the top right corner of the Automation Console:

This displays the Create Managed Database dialog. If you specified a password during installation then in the Domain Password field enter the password you entered during installation. If you have forgotten this password, then you can obtain it from the NUODB_HOME/etc/ file. In that file, the setting of the domainPassword property is the password you need to enter to sign in to the Automation Console. Leave the remaining default settings and click Submit.