Provisioning Hosts

To provision a NuoDB host:

  1. Install NuoDB software on the host you want to add to the domain.

    See Installing NuoDB for installation instructions on your platform. For the purpose of scaling out a domain by adding another host, make sure to defer automatic start of NuoDB services until you have configured the local properties in the next step.

  2. Edit the file.

    After installing the software, edit the new host's NUODB_HOME /etc/ file. The domain and domainPassword properties are required. For descriptions of the more frequently used properties, see Setting Host Properties When Provisioning Hosts. For a full reference of all available properties, see Host Properties (

  3. Verify and update the Linux ulimit setting.

    Ensure that ulimit is set adequately so that NuoDB processes can open the required number of file descriptors. For more information, see Verifying and updating ulimit.

  4. Start the broker.

    See Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services. The nuoagent service is the broker process. Consider configuring the service to automatically start.

  5. Verify that the host peered into the domain.

    To do this, you can use the NuoDB Manager utility, or the REST API.

    To use NuoDB Manager, invoke the show domain hosts command. For example:

    nuodb [domain] > show domain hosts
    [broker] * (us-east-1)
    [broker] ip-172-31-46-122/ (us-east-1)

    To use the REST API, specify the hosts resource. For example:


See also About Broker Quorum for an understanding of how the number of broker hosts in a domain affects behavior.