Preview Features in This Release

NuoDB Release 3.0 includes the preview features listed below.

Preview: NuoDB encourages you to use preview features in your development projects. However, the use of preview features in production is not supported.

In a future NuoDB version, it is expected that preview features will be available for production, but not all preview features will be available in all NuoDB editions (Community, Pro, Enterprise).

Preview: Preview: Continuous data protection — Also referred to as online snapshot backup, provides the snapshot storage manager (SSM) process and associated NuoDB Manager commands that let you hot copy the archive of a running database with a snapshot specification, restore data to a snapshot and remove old snapshots. (The NuoDB Manager hotcopy command itself is a supported feature and not a preview feature.)

Preview: Preview: Ability to add a process group. See Adding a Process Group to a Built-in Template.

Preview: Preview: C Driver for client access from C programs to NuoDB.

Preview: Preview: JMX MBeans for working with NuoDB metrics.

Preview: Preview: User authentication using LDAP. See User Authentication Using LDAP.