Preview Features in this release

NuoDB 3.2 includes the preview features listed below.

NuoDB encourages you to use preview features in your development projects. The use of preview features in production is not supported.

In a future NuoDB version, it is expected that preview features will be available for production, but not all preview features will be available in all NuoDB editions (Community, Pro, Enterprise).

Preview: NuoAdmin domain and database management ("NuoAdmin") replaces the existing NuoDB domain and database management interface. The nuoadmin service replaces the nuoagent and nuorestsvc services and nuocmd replaces the nuodbmgr CLI tool.NuoDB plans to deploy NuoAdmin as the default administrative interface in a future release. NuoAdmin is now available for customers to try and evaluate in their development and test environments to start gaining familiarity with the new interface and its benefits. NuoAdmin offers many benefits over the existing management interface.

Only one administrative management interface can run at any given time. NuoAdmin supports the ability to toggle between the existing administrative management interface and NuoAdmin.

For more information about how to try NuoAdmin in your own development and test environment please contact NuoDB support (for customers only) and ask for the NuoAdmin Open-Beta evaluation and tutorial installation package.

Note: NuoAdmin does not yet support NuoDB Insights monitoring and logging collection, but is planned for a future release.

Preview: Continuous data protection — Also referred to as online snapshot backup, provides the snapshot storage manager (SSM) process and associated NuoDB Manager commands that let you hot copy the archive of a running database with a snapshot specification, restore data to a snapshot and remove old snapshots. (The NuoDB Manager hotcopy command itself is a supported feature and not a preview feature.)

Preview: C Driver for client access from C programs to NuoDB.

Preview: JMX MBeans for working with NuoDB metrics.

Preview: User authentication using LDAP. See User Authentication Using LDAP.