Preparing to Execute NuoDB Check

This page describes how to prepare your database for running the NuoDB Check utility. To run NuoDB Check, you must do the following:

  1. Shut down the storage manager that uses the archive you are validating.
    Use NuoDB Manager to determine the process ID (pid) for the storage manager and then shut it down gracefully as in the following example:
    nuodb [domain] > show domain summary
    [broker] * (us-west-2)
    [broker] ip-172-31-5-193/ (us-west-2)
    Database: test, (unmanaged), processes [2 TE, 2 SM], ACTIVE
    [SM] ip-172-31-2-230/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 27068 ] [ nodeId = 1 ] RUNNING
    [TE] ip-172-31-2-230/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 27090 ] [ nodeId = 4 ] RUNNING
    [TE] ip-172-31-5-193/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 24596 ] [ nodeId = 2 ] RUNNING
    [SM] ip-172-31-5-193/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 24613 ] [ nodeId = 3 ] RUNNING
    nuodb [domain] > disable enforcer database test
    nuodb [domain] > shutdown process
    Process ID: 24613
    Shutdown gracefully: yes
    Shutdown even if database would become non-durable (optional): 
    Timeout (ms/s/m/h/d/w) (optional): 
    Remote process shutdown timeout (ms/s/m/h/d/w) (optional): 
    Process shutdown cleanly

Note: Disabling of enforcement is only required if running Managed databases, a feature that was deprecated in v3.0. See Disabling Enforcement for instructions on how to do this.