Post-Installation Tasks on Linux

For all Linux installations, you must perform the following post-installation tasks:


To update the file, do the following:

  1. Open and uncomment the line for the domainPassword property.
  2. Set a value for domainPassword which reflects the password that must be specified by every broker and agent that peers into this domain.

For related information on modifying, see Creating the Domain and Adding Hosts and Host Properties ( See also: Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services.

Verifying and updating ulimit

On Linux, the operating system can enforce a limit on the maximum number of file descriptors that a process can have open at any time. This limit can be viewed or modified in the shell that you are using. If it is modified in the shell, the change affects all processes started by that shell (after it has been set). If you are using a Bash shell, you can inspect this limit by running ulimit -a and reviewing the value for open files. To modify ulimit in Bash, use ulimit -n <new limit>.

Note: NuoDB recommends that the file descriptor limit is set to a minimum of 250 plus the number of desired concurrent connections to the database. For example, if you want to support 2,000 concurrent database connections, ensure the value set for the file descriptor limit is greater than or equal to 2250. For this change to take affect, you must set the ulimit value in the shell (or shell script) before starting the broker. This value is then inherited by all processes started by the broker.

For information on how to review or configure ulimit settings, refer to the appropriate man page for your shell. To reference the Bash Reference Manual see here.