Setting Up a Shared Domain

To contain applications, OpenShift uses projects. When containing a NuoDB database application, an OpenShift project stores the NuoDB templates, and also allows you to deploy a cluster-wide NuoDB domain. If a cluster-wide NuoDB project has not been created already - either by admins or a cluster provisioning script, then create a project for your NuoDB domain.

Creating a NuoDB project

Note: The following steps assume that you have already logged into OpenShift and have previously created one or more projects.

To create a project for your NuoDB application, do the following:

  1. Log in to OpenShift.
  2. The OpenShift User Interface (UI) displays.

  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, click the Create Project button, complete the Name field, and then click the Create button.
    The Name is a unique identifier for the project. The maximum name length is 63 characters.
    The Display Name and Description fields are optional. Display Name is how the project is displayed in the OPenShift web console (defaults to name). Description can be used to provide a more detailed description of the project and is also visible in the web console.

Importing Templates

The NuoDB YAML files are required to create the NuoDB database system which is comprised of admin services, database processes, and Insights monitoring processes.

Note: You can only import these templates after you have obtained them. For details of the templates available and how to obtain them, see About OpenShift Templates.

To import template files into an OpenShift project, click Add to Project and select Import YAML/JSON templates.

You may also import template files from the OpenShift master node using the following oc create commands:

Import a Single Template

oc create -f <template.yaml> -n <project name>

Import Multiple Templates by Loading an Entire Directory

oc create -f <directory name> -n <project name>

Creating an Administration Domain

Before creating a database, you must first create a NuoDB administration domain in the NuoDB project if one has not already been created. Using the NuoDB Admin (Container Native Storage) template, launch an administration tier with the requisite three nodes.

Note: The creation of an administration domain using the OpenShift interface automatically starts NuoDB Insights. For more information on NuoDB Insights, see Database Monitoring.

To create an administration domain, do the following:

  1. Select your NuoDB project.
  2. Click Add to Project.
  3. Click Select from Project.
    A Select from Project wizard displays.
  4. On the Selection screen select an admin option and click Next. For example, if you named this project NuoDB, the CNS option is NuoDB Admin (Container Native Storage).
  5. On the Information screen review details of the option selected on the previous screen.
  6. On the Configuration screen, complete the following mandatory fields:
  7. If your are deploying admin services for a second deployment zone, complete the Existing NuoDB Admin Service Address field.
    The Results screen then confirms that the administration domain has been created.
  8. Click Close.
    After clicking Close, your project should look similar to that displayed below.

  9. Note: In the example above, three Admin Service pods have been created in zone a and also in zone b by performing the above steps twice, once for each zone.