Management Client Package Setup

The pynuoadmin client package enables the client management of a NuoDB database without the need to install the full NuoDB product on a client machine. To setup client management, follow pynuoadmin installation instructions located on the PyPi (Python Package Index) website.

Once installed, add the following lines to your Linux shell startup file, for example ..bashrc if using Bash:

nuocmd () {
python -m nuodb_cli "$@" } export -f nuocmd

To support the use of the nuocmd command remotely from within a script file, also add to the following line to your .bash_profile (or equivalent file if using another Linux shell):

export BASH_ENV=~/.bashrc

Before using the nuocmd command, source the start-up file, for example:

source ~/.bashrc

Setting up Command Line Argument Completion

NuoDB recommends that command line argument completion for nuocmd is also set up.

First, install the argument completion module as follows:

pip install 'pynuoadmin[completion]'

Then, set up nucmd argument completion in your environment by adding the following line to your Linux shell start-up file (for example, .bashrc if using Bash):

eval "$(register-python-argcomplete nuocmd)"