Installing NuoDB

For instructions on using Kubernetes to deploy NuoDB, see the links below. The templates and NuoDB Operator are designed for a Kubernetes single cluster (and a single regional zone if running on a cloud platform).

Note: For multi-cluster deployments and or deploying a stretch-cluster across multiple zones within a region, see the NuoDB Helm Chart repository. To fully utilize these charts, please contact your NuoDB representative for additional instructions and best practices.

Red Hat OpenShift 3.9

For information, see the README file in the openshift-nuodb-ce repository on github.

OpenShift 3.11, 4, Open Source Kubernetes, and Managed Kubernetes (EKS, GKE, AKS, RKE)

For information, see the README file in the NuoDB Operator repository on github.


Community Edition (CE) functionality is limited to three Transaction Engines (TEs) and one Storage Manager (SM). In order to add Enterprise Edition (EE) functionality, install your NuoDB customer license file.

For information on the Community and Enterprise editions of NuoDB, see Introduction to NuoDB.

For information on attaining EE functionality, see Obtaining and Installing an Enterprise Edition License.