Obtaining and Installing an Enterprise Edition License

A license is required for the Enterprise Edition of NuoDB. For more information on editions of NuoDB, see About NuoDB Editions.

If a valid, non-expired Enterprise Edition license is installed, then the functionality provided by the Enterprise Edition is enabled. Otherwise, the functionality available is that as provided by the Community Edition.

Obtaining an Enterprise Edition License

To obtain the license file required to enable deployment of the Enterprise Edition, customers should contact their NuoDB support representative.

Installing an Enterprise Edition License

After obtaining your Enterprise Edition license file, install <your .lic file> as follows:

kubectl create configmap nuodb-lic-configmap -n $OPERATOR_NAMESPACE --from-file=<your .lic file>

Note: When installing a license, it is not necessary to shut down either a database or NuoDB Admin. On a running system, before NuoDB Admin starts a new database process, NuoDB Admin verifies the product license level to ensure the new process is in compliance with the level of licensing installed.

Confirming License Level

To confirm whether your installation of NuoDB is Community or Enterprise level, run the show domain command:

nuocmd show domain
server version: 3.4.1.fe5965ddf2, server license: Enterprise
server time: 2019-03-08T09:29:23.366, client token: 334051cc95c8087330b4f7630a9994ce8ea0a636
  [nuoadmin-1] nuoadmin-1:48005 (LEADER, Leader=nuoadmin-1) ACTIVE:Connected *
  test [RUNNING]
   [SM] test-sm-1-1/ [start_id = 0] [server_id = nuoadmin-1] MONITORED:RUNNING
   [TE] test-te-1-1/ [start_id = 1] [server_id = nuoadmin-1] MONITORED:RUNNING

Note: The show domain command displays the license type but not the expiration or holder name. The show domain command is issued using NuoDB Command (nuocmd). For more information on NuoDB Command and other command line tools, see Command Line Tools.