Obtaining and Installing NuoDB Licenses

The NuoDB Community Edition (CE), includes a license that is suitable for evaluation purposes and small-scale projects. It allows one host in a domain. A Community license is not recommended for significant deployments. You can download the Community Edition from the NuoDB web site. With the new CE, you can now scale out your in-memory transaction layer up to three TEs and 1 SM to deploy NuoDB as a distributed database across multiple hosts.

NuoDB Professional and Enterprise licenses are available for larger configurations and deployment. A Professional license is ideal for commercial database implementations within a single data center. It supports more than two hosts in a domain. An Enterprise license is for large, commercial databases with complex requirements and rapid growth. It supports multiple hosts and regional distribution.

To try out NuoDB's ability to scale out across multiple hosts or absorb failure, take the NuoDB Technical Tour, which provides a hands-on, Docker-based demonstration of those capabilities. For more information about NuoDB Professional or Enterprise licenses, contact NuoDB sales.

To install a license. See Installing a License Using NuoDB Manager