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Obtaining Metrics in Automation Console

Metrics are available throughout the Automation Console. Metrics are stored in the nuodb_system database. To make system metrics available, see Provisioning the NuoDB System Database. The REST API includes the metrics API. Once nuodb_system is provisioned, the two metrics widgets show live data about your host memory and CPU. For example:

If you select Actions | Edit on the CPU widget, you can aggregate data.For example, the dialog below specifies CPU use aggregated across all hosts in the domain, with breakdown by host:

Suppose you add two more hosts to the domain and let the metrics build up for a few minutes of history. Now you can see a stacked bar chart, where each bar shows, in this example, one host, per breakdown by host. To see a specific value, hover the cursor over the different colored sections of the chart to retrieve the value at that specific tick interval.

See also: Adding Dashboard Widgets for Monitoring Particular Metrics.