Obtaining Information About Alarms

The NuoDB Manager monitor command provides statistical information and alarm information about the NuoDB domain, hosts, databases or processes. NuoDB Manager connects to one broker, which reports all statistics and alarms for the domain.

The NuoDB Manager monitor domain command will report alarms using these NuoDB Manager properties by default:

The following example shows two discrete domain events for a database process leaving and a database becoming inactive, and a CPU percent statistical alarm:

Oct 24, 2014 4:40:24 PM NodeJoined Alarm [NodeJoined]:
  Details: Node TE db=[nuodb_system] pid=53481 id=-1 (local)
  Alarm Definition: NodeJoined Node:*:NodeJoined
Oct 24, 2014 4:40:24 PM DatabaseActive Alarm [AnyDatabaseActive]:
  Details: Node TE db=[nuodb_system] pid=53481 id=2 (local)
  Alarm Definition: AnyDatabaseActive Database:*:DatabaseActive
Oct 24, 2014 4:40:29 PM Stat Alarm [cpu-watch]:
  Breach value: 71.93
  Breach duration: 600 sec
  Alarm Definition: cpu-watch Host:*:OS-cpuTotalTimePercent(None) GT 60.00 30s (Reset)

For information about properties that apply to the NuoDB Manager monitor command, see NuoDB Manager Monitor Properties

See also: Obtaining Metrics for the Domain, Hosts and Processes, which discusses how to use NuoDB Manager monitors to obtain metrics.