Using the Active/Passive Balancer

NuoDB Professional Services can provide a balancer plugin that you can use to make a broker passive. A passive broker remains in the domain but it rejects any SQL client connections.

The main class in the ActivePassive runnable JAR file is com.nuodb.activepassive.Keeper. This JAR file:

To install the ActivePassive balancer plugin in a broker:

  1. Copy ActivePassive.jar to /opt/nuodb/plugin/agent/ActivePassive.jar.

  2. Modify /opt/nuodb/etc/ to specify the ActivePassive plugin as part of the setting of the balancer property. For example:

    balancer = com.nuodb.activepassive.Gate,ChainableTagBalancer,ChainableRegionBalancer
  3. Modify /etc/nuodb/jvm-options to allow remote JMX management:

  4. Restart the broker:

    $ sudo service nuoagent restart

When a broker is running with this balancer installed, you can make that broker passive by executing the JAR file. For example,

$ java -jar ActivePassive.jar host[:port] [--active|--passive|--status]