Best Practice: Back Up Domain

The NuoDB peer-to-peer network of brokers manages domain runtime and configuration state in a durable domain configuration. Information stored here includes:

You should periodically back up this information in case of a catastrophic failure that requires you to rebuild the domain. You can also use this information to recover from some accidental changes to the domain, such as replacing a user account that was accidentally deleted.


A NuoDB domain with at least one broker running.

Note: Examples of NuoDB Manager command lines assume that a nuodbmgr properties file is in place. Instructions for creating this file are in Setting Up Domain Administration.


Typically, you set up domain backup as a cron task that runs at a frequency that you specify. How frequently you run this task depends on how frequently you modify the domain configuration.

NuoDB recommends that you back up the domain configuration once a day. Determine whether this backup is different from the previous backup. If it is then push the newer backup to your repository. If you have a version control system (such as git) to manage your repository you can use that for determining deltas and then push your latest backup there.

Follow these steps to back up the durable domain configuration:


A copy of the latest domain configuration is now stored in a repository as a backup for domain configuration corruption or accidental changes.

Handling Exceptions


Verifying Results