Using JMX Beans to Obtain Metrics

Each admin service process in the domain subscribes to events and statistics updates from every other admin service process and every agent in the domain. Each admin service process evaluates these events and statistics against its alarm definitions. If an alarm is fired, any connected NuoDB management client application (such as the REST service and NuoDB Manager) can receive notifications.

Even though alarm definitions are stored in the durable domain configuration, and are therefore shared by all admin service processes, each admin service process observes statistics and event changes, and evaluates whether alarms should fire. It does so on its own, because under failure, other admin service processes may no longer be available.

Each admin service process maintains an MBean for the domain, for each database, for each process in the domain and for each peer.

This section describes the MBeans available in the admin service and how to start an admin service process so that you can use a JMX client application such as JConsole or some other tool to access the information provided by those MBeans.

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