Upgrading the Database Software

There are two ways to upgrade your NuoDB database software. The following table provides a brief description of each upgrade method:

Upgrade Method Brief Description
Upgrading with databases down

Shut down your database(s), install the latest NuoDB release on each host, then restart your database(s).

When continuous database availability is not required, follow instructions at Upgrading With Databases Down.

Rolling Upgrade

Install the latest NuoDB software release on one host at a time. Your database(s) remain(s) available throughout the upgrade procedure.

When continuous data availability is required, follow instructions at Rolling Upgrade: Databases Remain Available.

Whether using either method to upgrade your database, NuoDB supports all upgrades from version 3.2.

Upgrade considerations

When deciding which upgrade method to use, consider the following:

Note: When opting to use a rolling upgrade, be aware that if your database has only one Transaction Engine )TE) (or if it has a storage group that is served by only one Storage Manager (SM)), then some or all of your database is unavailable when you upgrade the system which hosts the TE or SM.