Setting up NuoDB Admin

NuoDB AdminAn interface for domain and database management. NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) may be used instead of nuoagent and nuorestsvc services. When using nuoadmin, use nuocmd instead of the nuodbmgr Command Line Interface (CLI) tool. (nuoadmin) is the default admin interface for domain and database management in NuoDB 4.0 (see Using NuoDB Admin for Domain and Database Management).

Note: Although deprecated from the release of NuoDB 4.0, NuoAgent (NuoDB's legacy domain and database management admin interface) is also supported.

Configuring nuoadmin.conf

Using a text editor, configure the nuoadmin.conf admin server configuration file. By default, nuoadmin.conf is located in the/etc/nuodb directory for RPM/DEB installs, and in $NUODB_HOME/etc for TAR installs.

The following nuoadmin.conf code sample provides settings for an admin service defined on host1 (a host server), which is also the initial member:

"initialMembership": {
"server0" : { "transport" : "host1:48005", "version" : "0:10000" }
"ThisServerId" : "server0",
"agentPort" : "48004",
"agentBindAddress" : "",
"adminPort" : "48005",
"portRange" : "48006",
"adminBindAddress" : "",
"altAddr" : "Host1",

For additional information about configuring additional nuoadmin.conf properties, see Host Properties (nuoadmin.conf).

TLS Admin Management Security

By default TLS admin management security is enabled. This results in NuoDB Command (nuocmd)CLI command authentication and encryption across the network.

To enable TLS Admin management security, opt for either the Shared or Unique Admin Key trust model and generate the required keys and certificate files. For additional information, see the NuoDB documentation page, Enabling TLS Encryption.

If you're conduction an evaluation of or proof of concept for NuoDB and would like to disable TLS admin management, simply edit the nuoadmin.conf file and set the ssl property to false.

"ssl": "false"