Deleting Databases

Having identified the name of a database to be deleted, it is necessary to first stop (shut down) the database.

To delete a specific database do the following:

1. Run the show domain command to confirm the names of all databases in your domain.

nuocmd show domain
server version: 4.0.1-1-35a573d0d3, server license: Enterprise
server time: 2019-05-15T19:09:17.123, client token: 07e10b90d4d5c47719116366d4a86ff95767867e
  [server0] server0:48005 (LEADER, Leader=server0) ACTIVE:Connected *
  [server1] server1:48005 (FOLLOWER, Leader=server0) ACTIVE:Connected
  test [RUNNING]
   [SM] server0:48006 (Default) [start_id = 0] [server_id = server0] [pid = 144] [node_id = 1] MONITORED:RUNNING
   [TE] server1:48006 (Default) [start_id = 1] [server_id = server1] [pid = 103] [node_id = 2] MONITORED:RUNNING

2. Shut down the database you want to delete.

nuocmd shutdown database --db-name DB_NAME

3. Delete the database.

nuocmd delete database --db-name <DB_NAME>

Caution: Deleting a database is a non-recoverable action and should be executed with great caution. Deleting a database removes all metadata from the durable domain configuration but does not delete the database's archive. In other words, it does not delete the data that the database contains. The archive directory can be removed from disk manually.