About Operating System Metrics

Operating system metrics are provided per host and reported by the admin service back to the domain for optional inclusion in domain aggregates.

To obtain a list of the names of all metrics that an admin service process tracks, invoke the NuoDB Manager show metricKeys command. See Show MetricKeys.

Admin service processes track the following operating system metrics:

Metric Name Description
OS-cpuTotalTimePercent Percent total time spent.
OS-cpuSystemTimePercent Percent system time spent.
OS-memUsedPercent Percent physical memory used.
OS-netAllInbound Traffic in bytes.
OS-netAllOutbound Traffic in bytes.
OS-fsVarDirUsePercent This reports percent disk usage for the default storage manager archive location.

Percentage of CPU capacity that the process generating the metric used since the last time this process provided metrics. See Metrics Published by Database Processes.

NuoDB calculates this by normalizing the percentage reported by the ps command to the total CPU capacity available. Note that this is not the same as the PercentCpuTime metric in that P-cpuUsage will never be above 100%.

To see this metric, you must set the NuoDB Manager monitorDomainNew property to true. The default is false.

PercentCpuTime Percentage of both system kernel and system user time since the last time metrics were provided by the process generating this metric. This is PercentUserTime+PercentSystemTime.

See also: Metrics Published by Database Processes.