NuoDB Manager

NuoDB Manager is a command line tool that enables you to monitor, analyze and control a NuoDB domain. You manage the databases in a domain by managing transaction engines (TEs), storage managers (SMs) and snapshot storage managers (SSMs).


NuoDB Manager is a text-based tool that allows you to specify commands interactively or non-interactively. To use the tool interactively, use the nuodbmgr command without the --command parameter. This will place you at a prompt where you can enter commands interactively. Type quit or exit to leave the session.


nuodbmgr --broker host --password domain_password 
    [ --user user_name ] 
    [ --database database_name ]
    [ --properties property_file ] 
    [ --log { severe | warning | info | config | fine | finer | finest } ]
    [ --help ] 
    [ --version ]
    [ --connect-timeout n_seconds
    [ --noLineEditor ]
    [ --command "cmd [;cmd...]" | --file batch_filename ]						


Required Parameters

Optional Parameters