NuoDB Manager Commands

NuoDB Manager commands can be specified interactively, read from a script, or specified on the command line when you run nuodbmgr with the --command option. If you use these commands on the command line with the --command parameter, enclose the command and its parameters in double quotes.

Each NuoDB Manager command is described in a separate topic.

See the following topics:

Add Database Archive Location

Add Storage Group

Agent Deprovision

Agent Unreachable

Apply Domain Config

Apply Domain License

Capture Database

Capture Domain Configuration

Create Alarm Definition

Create Database

Create Domain Administrator

Delete Database


Disable Enforcer

Domain State


Enable Enforcer




Manage Database


Monitor Alarms

Monitor Hosts

Prune Snapshots

Quiesce Database

Remove Alarm Definition

Remove Database ArchiveLocation

Remove Database Backoff

Remove Domain Administrator

Remove Domain License

Remove Host

Remove Host ArchiveLocations

Remove Process

Remove Region

Remove StorageGroup

Restart Database

Restart Process

Restore Database

Restore DomainConfiguration

Set Property

Show AlarmDefinitions

Show Database

Show Domain

Show Host

Show MetricKeys

Show Process

Show StorageGroups

Show Template

Shutdown Database

Shutdown Domain

Shutdown Host

Shutdown Process

Start Database

Start Process


Unquiesce Database

Unset Property

Update Database

Update DefaultTemplates

Verify Domain