NuoDB Community Drivers on GitHub

See for information about language-specific drivers supported by NuoDB through GitHub. The drivers include the following:

When reviewing the table below, note the following in regard to support tiers:

Name of Driver

Support Tier



.NET 1 .NET driver for NuoDB
Node.js 1 Node.js node-db compatible native driver for NuoDB
Python 1 Native Python driver
Perl 2 NuoDB DBD Module for Perl DBI.
PHP PDO 2 PHP PDO driver for NuoDB
PHP Zend 2 PHP PDO extension for Zend.
The adapter is developed and tested with the Zend Framework 1.x & 2.x. The interface is written as a PHP PDO extension.
Ruby and JRuby 2 Ruby native driver, JRuby active record
Write Ruby Extensions in C/C++, Use ActiveRecord Driver, Use Native Driver, Use Ruby Rails
The NuoDB Ruby driver requires Ruby 1.9.3.

SQLAlchemy 2 SQLAlchemy driver