New Features

New Features in NuoDB 4.0.4

NuoDB 4.0.4 includes the following new features:


New Features in NuoDB 4.0.3

NuoDB 4.0.3 includes the following new features:

JDBC Driver Changes

A new version of the NuoDB JDBC Driver has been released (version 21.0.0). This version of the NuoDB JDBC Driver contains only NuoDB libraries. All non-NuoDB libraries have been removed. For more information on using this driver, see Using the NuoDB JDBC Driver.


Support for the SKIP LOCKED clause for SELECT FOR UPDATE queries has been added.

Logging Categories

A new 'login-audit' logging category is now available. For more information on using this new category, see Description of Logging Categories. #9680

New Features in NuoDB 4.0.2

NuoDB 4.0.2 includes the following new features:

Multi-threaded Hot Copy

To improve performance of the hot copy operation, support for multi-threaded backup operations has been added. A new hot-copy-threads database option controls the number of threads used for backup creation. For information on using hot-copy-threads, see Database Options.

New Features in NuoDB 4.0.1

NuoDB 4.0.1 includes the following new features:

Windows .zip Installation Package

A Windows installation package in .zip file format is now available, providing additional installation flexibility for Windows environments. This includes the ability to install NuoDB multiple times on the same Windows server. This package must be installed manually. For more information see Installing NuoDB Using the .zip File.

Memory Parameters

The mem database option now supports specification of values in binary format (Gi/Mi/Ki) as well as decimal format (G/M/K). All values will be interpreted as binary. For example, 1G and 1Gi will represent 1024 MB. For more information, see Database Options.

New Features in NuoDB 4.0

NuoDB 4.0 includes the following new features:

User Authentication Using LDAP

Previously available as a preview feature, database user authentication using LDAP is now a fully supported feature. This feature is available with the JDBC, C, C++, Python client drivers, and with NuoDB SQLNuoDB SQL (nuosql) is a command line tool for exploring NuoDB databases. It enables you to execute SQL statements interactively, run batch scripts, access database metadata information, and perform DBA functions. (nuosql. For more information, see User Authentication Using LDAP.

TLS 1.2 Support

NuoDB now supports TLS 1.2 network encryption between all NuoDB processes and the JDBC, C, C++, Python client drivers, and NuoDB SQL(nuosql). For more information, see Network Encryption.

SQL Support

Online Index Creation

Online index creation, except for new expression-based indexes, is now available. For more information see CREATE INDEX.

Expression-Based Indexing

NuoDB users can now use expression-based indexes for efficient evaluation of queries that have predicates that involve a function or an expression. Expression-based indexes differ from simple indexes in that the index key values are not the same as values in the table columns; they are the result of the specified expression. For more information, see Expression-Based Indexing.

User Privileges

Two new user privileges are available.

CREATE USER: Users must be granted the CREATE USER privilege by the DBA to enable them to create users. For information on creating users, see CREATE USER.

CREATE SCHEMA: New users must be granted CREATE SCHEMA privilege by the DBA to enable new users to create new schemas. Any users existing prior to upgrading to NuoDB 4.0 will retain this privilege by default. For information on creating schemas, see CREATE SCHEMA.


A new sql-results logging category is available for logging the results of SQL queries. For more information sql-results and other logging categories, see Description of Logging Categories.

Disk I/O Monitoring and Control

To help review disk I/O on a Storage Manager (SM), or Spill to Disk operations on a Transaction Engine (TE), new disk I/O performance metrics are available. These include Hot Copy metrics (BackupDirectoryTime, BackupFsyncTime, BackupReadTime, BackupWriteTime), an SM Journal metric (JournalReadTime), SM atom mutation metrics (MutationsArchived<atomType>), Spill to Disk metrics (SpillFileDirectoryTime, SpillFileReadTime, SpillFileWriteTime), and other metrics for other file operations (MiscellaneousDirectoryTime, MiscellaneousReadTime, MiscellaneousWriteTime). For more information, see Metrics Published by Database Processes.

Also, two new configuration parameters have been added to monitor and control disk I/O issues. For more information on io-warn-time and io-fatal-time, see Database Options.

Memory Management

NuoDB's Spill to Disk feature has been extended to support Result Set operations. For more information, see Setting Result Set Holdability.

Disable Automatic Statistics Collection

In certain situations, it may be necessary to disable the automatic collection of index statistics. In support of such situations, two new configuration parameters are available. You may now use disable-stats-collection to disable automatic index statistics collection for all tables. You may now use max-full-gc-skips to control the frequency of record version garbage collection, as deleted records will continue to be reflected in the index statistics until they are garbage-collected. For more information on using the disable-stats-collection and max-full-gc-skips configuration parameters, see Database Options.

New Client Package

A new Client-only package is available for download. This package includes all supported client drivers and utilities. This package will be available for download from NuoDB Customer Support Portal as well as the NuoDB GitHub repository. For more information, see the Product Distribution Package Files section in Physical or VMware Environments, and Drivers Shipped in the NuoDB Client-only Package.