NuoDB version 3.0 includes the following new features:

Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Containers

NuoDB is now fully certified and supported on Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Containers.

Azure Linux Virtual Machines

NuoDB can now be deployed in Azure Linux Virtual Machines.

XA Transactions

NuoDB now supports XA transactions as a Resource Manager. This is to support co-ordinating transactions between NuoDB and another data management system using the XA protocol. The XA protocol is not used internally within NuoDB to manage transaction replication.

Query Graph Model

A new internal query representation framework (Query Graph Model) is now enabled to provide faster and more extensive query optimizations.

Statement Killing

Provide the RemStatement.unwrap() function in the DataSource Connection to allow killing of statements.

Index Statistics

This version introduces a new index format (Ver2). In order to upgrade your user indexes to Ver2 you must rebuild your database user indexes. See Tasks After Upgrading to Release 3.0 . Ver2Index statistics for permanent tables are automatically updated periodically without any user intervention. As a result, users should not need to run the ANALYZE command to update the index statistics for permanent tables. However, indexes statistics on temporary tables are not automatically updated.

EXPLAIN command simplified output

To simplify the output for most EXPLAIN plan use cases, the default values for 'schema_prefix', 'context_ids', and 'object_types' were changed to "off", 'opt_estimates' was changed to be "on" and a new option 'analyze_timers' was added which defaults to "on". If 'analyze_timers' is set to 'off', the microsecond values will not be displayed.


The syntax INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY now supports the option to skip the insert ("ON DUPLICATE KEY SKIP") if the insert violates a UNIQUE constraint.

Batch Operations with NuoDB's C Driver

Batch operations are now supported with NuoDB's C Driver with the executeBatch method.


The use of EXECUTE IMMEDIATE in triggers is now supported.

LISTAGG function

A new LISTAGG function allows customers to concatenate values from a list in a specific order.

SQL Performance Metrics

SQL performance metrics that are stored in the system table LASTSTATEMENT and TRACETABLE are now available as new logging categories (sql-statement-metrics and sql-statement-explain-plans) using the nuodbmgr 'log' command.


The Hot Copy command now supports online backup of multiple Storage Groups. To back up Storage Groups on multiple Storage Managers, use the new Hot Copy Plan syntax.

Performance Optimizations