New Features

New Features in NuoDB 3.2.2

NuoDB 3.2.2 includes the following new feature:

Improved Performance

Query performance has been improved by enabling index access selectivity for indexes with residual predicates.

Query performance has been improved for queries using OR conditions.

Indexing Enhancements

DATE_TO_STR() and DATE_FROM_STR() functions are now considered for index access when used with runtime constant arguments, for example NOW().


You can use the new LOCK TABLE statement to gain exclusive write access to a table for the duration of the transaction in which the statement is issued - see LOCK documentation for more information. Two new system tables have been added to offer information about table locks. For information on two new tables supporting lock functionality, see TRANSACTIONALLOCKS System Table Description and LOCALTRANSACTIONALLOCKS System Table Description.

New Features in NuoDB 3.2

NuoDB 3.2 includes the following new features:

Improved Memory Management

Memory management has been improved to prevent a Transaction Engine (TE) or a Storage Manager (SM) from using more memory than the value specified by the --mem parameter. This new memory management capability allows NuoDB to ensure consistent performance. It is recommended that this value is set to the maximum memory available to the TE or SM in your environment. For more information see Tasks After Upgrading to Release 3.2 and Database Options.

Index Statistics for Partitioned Tables

Index statistics are now available for partitioned tables. This helps improve the selection of optimal query plans by the optimizer where partitioned tables are used. For more information on using partitioned tables, see Using Table Partitions and Storage Groups.

To assist with understanding statistics on a partitioned table, a new SPAN column has been added to the STATSCACHE table. This new column lists the partitions that are spanned by each of the cached statistics. Where tables are not partitioned, the SPAN column does not populate. For more information on this table, see STATSCACHE System Table Description.

NuoDB Manager Enhancements

The remove region and remove host commands include a database parameter which helps enable removal of all processes in a region or a host for the database specified. This database parameter is now optional. As a result, if not specified, all processes in the specified region or host are removed. For more information, see Remove Region and Remove Host.

Logging Updates

To track the SM recovery process, log messages are now created every five seconds during SM recovery. Each log message states: Processed X files, Y% bytes., where Y is the total number of bytes of all journal files being recovered from. For more information on logging, see Using Log Files.