New Features in This Release

NuoDB 2.6 includes additional scale out capabilities, notable performance optimizations, and expanded migration scenario support in response to customer requirements. It includes formal support for Active-Active deployments in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments and support for scale out at the storage layer.

To further enhance the ease of migration for applications and developers familiar with traditional databases, NuoDB 2.6 also includes expanded functionality such as table partitioning and additional SQL compatibility. Finally, to improve ease of operations in the cloud, NuoDB 2.6 now supports automated and online disk space cleanup for the database.

Active-Active deployment across AWS availability zones

Active-Active deployments allow applications to read and write to multiple data centers or availability zones, enabling maximum availability, performance and utilization from data infrastructure. NuoDB 2.6 features supports Active-Active deployment across two AWS availability zones.

Table Partitioning and Storage Groups

Previously offered as a technical preview feature, NuoDB 2.6 fully supports standard SQL table partitioning and storage groups for production use. Table partitions allow applications to separate tables into data groups for data aging use cases and query performance optimizations.

Storage groups enable independent elastic scale out at the storage layer while still maintaining a single, logical database view to the application. By placing partitioned data in different storage groups, on different servers, applications can have finer control over data locality and allow applications to support higher throughput volumes of reads and writes.

Expanded SQL capabilities and performance

NuoDB 2.6 offers expanded SQL capabilities, including DDL Triggers, transitional table support, and multi-statement support. This reduces the effort required to port your SQL application from traditional databases to NuoDB or to build new cloud applications with your existing SQL skills and expertise. Additionally, NuoDB 2.6 includes query performance improvements aimed at improving the overall end user experience.

Improved operational efficiencies

NuoDB 2.6 adds automatic and online disk space cleanup for deleted data. This significantly reduces production operational overhead when operating NuoDB.

Automatic and online disk space clean up

Automatic and online disk space clean up of dropped or deleted data from the database.

Optimization of messaging protocol

Optimization of messaging protocol to increase performance for queries in remote regions on data that is not being updated frequently.